Ulysses (ulyart) wrote in philos_o_fun,

we're outsourcing!

Yeah, so we outsourced our research and development to Bangalore. Those philosophers are sharp over there, I mean, how many kids in the West grow up with the Upanishads as their bedtime reading? We wanted to hire ten researchers, tops, and would you know that over eight hundred licensed metaphysicians sent in resumes?

These days, I myself am focusing mostly on conception, marketing, liasing with clients, after-sales service: of philosophical packages.

Most clients come with a very precise request: “help me make sense of my existence, my place in the universe!” And I have to admit existential metaprograms are a core strength of the Bangalore office. Sometimes I find it ironic that the work so brilliantly started by Kant and Schopenhauer is being consummated in the East.

Yes, we do get criticized for our decision to outsource-- who doesn’t these days? “Know Yourself,” said Socrates, implying that nobody can do that in your place. But we have so little time and resources for contemplating the truly important questions. The way it stood, most people were content to let Nietzsche, Hegel and other specialists do their philosophical research and development for them anyway.

We’re just taking things one step further.

As Vikram, one of our metaphysical hackers, points out: “as we are all ultimately one mind, what is thought by me, also becomes your thought. There is no inherent contradiction in letting someone else think in your place.”
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