Ulysses (ulyart) wrote in philos_o_fun,

brainstim recording-- the casting challenge

I remember, when the brainstim industry was just getting started, how difficult it was at first to find suitable recordants.

You’d think that they could just slap the helmet on any person right?

Well, think about this: Nobody enjoys reliving the experience of a paranoid recordant, to name just one. I mean, it could be a pleasant meadow full of butterflies, a pleasant fluffy meadow, and an anxiety-ridden recordant would be on the lookout for wasps, and it shows! It’s hard to dissimulate anxiousness on a brainstim recording.

So, no nervous or competitive recordants.

Woah! That just writes off most Hollywood actresses, doesn’t it?

We found what we needed for pure recordings was someone very calm, unreactive, someone who just goes with the flow, is open to the experience, who’s mind is totally on the moment, and not distracted by extraneous thoughts-- shopping lists or some such nonsense.

We puzzled over that one until it hit us—why not recruit meditation teachers?

In fact one of our “star” recordants, was Agnes C. Many of you have enjoyed the brainstim where you were a sporty, graceful woman, swimming with the dolphins in Mauritius—but I bet few of you realized that the recordant was not a young lady at all, but a 68-year old yoga teacher! (and one of my good friends, I might add)
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