David "Taospark" L. (taospark) wrote in philos_o_fun,
David "Taospark" L.

When was the last time?

Sometimes we can be myopic fools.

We spend hours, if not days or lives on end aspiring to higher learning and understanding all the abstract metaphysics of existence and our universe, endlessly trying to understand the macrocosmic conspiracy of it all.

We lose sight of the microcosmic marvels in front of us?

How else can we appreciate an entire solar system if we can't appreciate a few square inches of it?
Too often we forget we're just a collection of cells that's part of a converging series of hierarchies, first social, then political, then planetary, then interstellar and to infinity.

Quantum physics teaches us that to understand the functions of the most elementary things is to understand the universe as a whole.

So when was the last time you smelled the roses?
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