Ulysses (ulyart) wrote in philos_o_fun,

This is where philosophers and pranksters hang out when they’re not on duty, where they invent Lacanisms for fun, and discuss utterly implausible theories and their logical consequences.

It’s also a place for incredibly profound thoughts in mind-blowingly simple language.

This is the place for gibberish and nonsense, and rants in your own private language! But please, make it well-crafted, thought-provoking gibberish. You know, things that almost make sense? Think Muholland Drive, here.

Unsolvable ethical dilemmas, trick questions, trick answers, and irresolvable paradoxes are welcome.

As are philosophical riffs that just go all over the place. And unabashed wordplay.

You are allowed to have philosophical debates against yourself!

It’s also a place for elusive-sense sentences—those sentences that make perfect sense when you finally understand them three hours later.

Finally, this is a place for high-concept Internet art: a place to invent not-yet-existing communities for livejournals, and perhaps new fields of study, like my own field of interest:

I specialize in mind-transfusion epistemology. It’s a branch of philosophy that deals with what happens when we playback on our brain, a brainstim recording of someone else’s experience.

Just one rule: be respectful. This is a place for humorous one-upsmanship.
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