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What thought experiments have YOU conducted today?

philos_o_fun the community for metaphysical fun

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Kant tried to picture the universe “without” space and time.
Einstein imagined himself astride a photon.
Schrodinger shut an imaginary cat in an imaginary box.

What thought experiments have YOU conducted today?

I started this community with some off-duty philosophers and pranksters.

While we each pursue different questions within Empirical Existentialism (I’m a mind-transfusion epistemologist myself), we banded together to take on the biggie: “what is the nature of the universe and what is my place in it?”

This is the ideal place to hash out your theory of everything, with humor and imagination.

This is the place for well-crafted things that almost make sense. (Think Mulholland Drive, here)

For knotty Lacanian riffs, or Nietzschean declamations.

And elaborate metaphysical private jokes between you and the universe.

Or just profound thoughts in mind-blowing simple language.

Please just make it fiendishly clever, thought-provoking and funny.

And be respectful. This is a community for humorous one-upsmanship.

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