1/∞ (arriya) wrote in philos_o_fun,

Experiential Attitude Modification

Hello, I'm one of the new interns at the company, and this came in the mail. Since it's my first case, I was wondering if you guys could help out.

It's a lovely Spring day in NYC (a bit cloudy but still nice) and I want to go out and play. The only problem is that I have a load of work to do.

Here are some solutions I thought of:

  1. Suck it up and just do my work
  2. Compromise by working and playing concurrently or in interspersed intervals, thereby getting only half of my work done
  3. Not do my work, go out and play, and suffer the consequences
  4. Transform my work into play through Experiential Attitude Modification (EAM—this will make work feel like play)

So of course I've chosen EAM. It's a relatively inexpensive, painless (though there is generally some shock involved) procedure that will modify my attitude towards an experience. The only problem is that my parents object, and like drinking alcoholic beverages, it's illegal for an individual without parental consent until s/he reaches the age of 21 years in the United States. My parents won't change their minds even though I've given them reliable sources that say it's perfectly safe and non-habit-forming and promised to go to a licensed practitioner.

Instead of paying for my EAM, they sent me to you. Your job is to either (1) produce an argument to convince my parents to let me get the EAM done, or (2) convince me why I shouldn't. Thanks!

What are you all talking about? No, I didn't write the note myself!

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