Ulysses (ulyart) wrote in philos_o_fun,

Experiential Religious Research

Religion would have a much more fruitful and harmonious dialogue with Science if it would follow similar methods, that is, carry out experiments.

The problem is that religious research is text-based, so we end up turning in hermeneutic circles within the scripture. Religious research should instead be experience-based, as it is in science.

Religious knowledge should be continuously updated—via direct consultation with God. We would ask those mystics who have had direct encounters with God to enter their oral history into the database of God-experiences.

The problem is verifiability. How would we know if a person has had an authentic encounter with God?

We’d have to have a way of recording the experience of all the senses at the time of encounter, taking a full brainstim record of the experience—that can be played back and hence verified by others.
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